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Liquidity Reserve Fund

*available only to member credit union institutions

The MSIC Liquidity Reserve Fund (LRF) is a depository and lending facility created by a Massachusetts law which allows MSIC to help transfer excess liquidity throughout the MSIC collaborative system. First established in December 2014, the LRF now holds almost $50 million in deposits from member credit unions and offers an important source of emergency liquidity for other credit union members. The LRF also provides MSIC with an important tool to provide enhanced yields to member participants, and gives MSIC added flexibility in managing its deposit insurance risk. Currently, only Massachusetts state-chartered credit unions can participate in product offerings with a maturity of up to three years. Federally chartered credit unions can make legal deposits in the LRF for their employee benefit plans, but not for the credit union itself. In addition, deposits can be received from wholly-owned CUSOs of MSIC member institutions and deposits from CUSOs in which a majority of the ownership is held by MSIC member institutions. The growing number of active members of the LRF understand the outstanding opportunity presented by the LRF as a means to add to their bottom lines by way of MSIC’s ability to offer competitive deposit interest rates.

Certificates of Deposit

*available only to member credit union institutions

Term                     Rate                       APY

90 Days                2.25%                    2.27%

6 Months              2.50%                    2.53%

1 Year                     3.00%                   3.04%

13 Months              3.00%                   3.04%

2 Years                   2.95%                  2.99%

30 Months             2.40%                  2.43% 

3 Years                   2.95%                  2.99%

Rates Effective August 4, 2022